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By Pat Payton   A 30-win season and a third-place finish have brought individual awards to the St. Marys Lincolns. The Gre [...]
Lincolns win 8-3 Friday, defuse Rockets in five
By Pat Payton   St. Marys Lincolns brought in speedy forward Brock Trichilo at the Jan. 10 trade deadline to score goals. And [...]
Lincolns win first playoff series in eight seasons
By Pat Payton   It’s been eight seasons since St. Marys Lincolns won a Western Conference playoff series. The 2019-20 Li [...]
By Pat Payton   It’s worth repeating. St. Marys Lincolns achieved a 30-win season in 2019-20, the 10th time in the team’s [...]
Curtin outstanding as Lincs take first two games
By Pat Payton   STRATHROY - Fifty-eight saves and 120 shutout minutes. That’s what goalie Kyle Curtin gave St. Marys Lin [...]
Lincolns hit 30-win plateau with two victories
By Pat Payton   CHATHAM - A 30-win season! That’s what St. Marys Lincolns achieved with a 6-2 victory over the home-town [...]
Coach expects tough quarter-final series with Rockets
By Pat Payton   Coach Trent McClement is expecting a close, hard-fought playoff series between two teams who play similar def [...]
Lincolns move closer to clinching third place
By Pat Payton   The magic number for St. Marys Lincolns now appears to be three points. After skating to a 3-1 victory ove [...]